A self-service Sovereign Cloud

Ensure data compliance and control costs with our flexible sovereign cloud.

Our sovereign cloud gives you the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, combined with the control and security of local data storage – all in a cost-effective and versatile self-service model.

Organizations in finance, healthcare and the public sector must meet strict data control rules, while GDPR and other jurisdictional laws on data privacy affect nearly everyone. A sovereign cloud allows you to stay compliant with these rules without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud.

A sovereign cloud is a cloud which makes sure all data and relevant metadata stay on sovereign soil. It efficiently manages data location while providing a firm foundation for innovation and growth.


Control your data under sovereign jurisdiction.


Protect your applications and data with advanced solutions.


Achieve and maintain compliance with evolving laws and regulations in a variety of jurisdictions.


Choose and use only the solutions you need.


Trust world-class technology and quality processes, including redundant storage network and monitoring services.


Rely on cutting-edge architecture based on globally recognized and fast-developing technology stacks.


Enjoy better value with cost transparency and predictability, as well as more cost-effective tools.


Deploy and manage services in a self-service model as easily as with popular hyperscalers.


Have Orange Business experts on hand for other needs, such as EU/EEA issues and hybrid cloud solutions.

Orange Business offers the entire sovereign cloud solution, including our own data centers on local soil. We control the whole value chain from the modern platform and technology down to the bricks and mortar.

Our sovereign cloud is built on VMWare Cloud Director as an IaaS service. You can quickly and easily choose what you need, and you only pay for the resources allocated. Through the self-service portal you can set up your own virtual machines, storage and network services.

The sovereign cloud is a critical part of cloud evolution, including service-specific clouds, industry-specific clouds and local clouds. If you want to learn how the Orange Business sovereign cloud solution can keep you compliant, save you money and encourage your innovation, please get in touch.

The four pillars of Sovereign Cloud – content from VMware

Data Sovereignty and Jurisdictional Control 

All data is resident and subject to the exclusive control and authority of the nation state where that data was collected. Operations are fully managed within the jurisdiction.

Data Access and Integrity 

Cloud infrastructure is resilient and available in at least two data center locations within the jurisdiction with secure and private connectivity options available.

Data Security and Compliance 

Information security management system controls are certified against an industry recognized global (or regional) standard and audited regularly.

Data Independence and Mobility

Support for modern application architectures to prevent vendor cloud lock-in and enable application portability and independence.