Four undeniable digital workspace trends

The digital workspace has become an integral part of everyday life, with new developments emerging all the time. In this blog, I will share the most popular trends and how to implement them as an organization.

Trend #1 Increasing importance of the employee experience

The employment market is facing mounting pressure and employee loyalty is no longer a given. A good salary is no longer the prime motivator; corporate culture and meaningful work-life balance are of equal importance. It is key for companies to respond to these trends because the more involved your employees are, the more successful the organization.

Research has shown that involved employees are 17 per cent more productive and 22 per cent more profitable. Technological complications and complex processes and systems stand in the way of this involvement. With a digital workspace it is all about simplicity and convenience, and the importance of a good adoption process should not be underestimated.

Trend #2 The rise of the mobile employee

Employees are becoming increasingly mobile. We want to be able to work anywhere and anytime, and on our preferred device – not because we have to, but because we can. The number of that want to work remote is also on the rise. Think of the health care and education sector, for example, here it is becoming increasingly important to give employees access to a safe, flexible, and easy-to-use work environment.

In 2017, The World Economic Forum predicted that virtual teams would bring about the biggest change in workplaces, paired with the tendency to shift from application-based work to information-based work. The Intranet acts as a catalyst in the transition to a condition-based workspace.

Trend #3 SaaS-first and SaaS-only

More and more, traditional solutions being replaced by SaaS-based solutions. As a result, collaboration is made easier and everyone is given access to the latest functionalities and features as soon as they become available. This of course also has an impact on the type of digital workplace and can help to reduce costs and make it easier for organizations to scale up and down.

Trend #4 Faster technological developments

Technological developments are following each other in rapid succession, with newer and better innovations being released overnight. Digital transformation is a continuous process that places high demands on the skills and knowledge of the internal IT organization, employees, and partners. Developing a well thought out digital workspace strategy, a roadmap, and an adoption plan is key.

The solution: the adaptive workspace

These trends require a digital workspace environment that can adapt to employees.  Meaning for instance that an employee only needs to log in once, to see all relevant information, regardless of the device they use or the platform they log in on. There are no cut and dry rules for an adaptive workspace: its design depends on the unique needs of the organization and the individual employees.