Managed services on SAP solution

Outsourcing of your SAP applications, simplify the management of your information system

[Managed services]

Managed Applications for SAP® is a centralized management offer for your SAP environments


We provide you with SAP® tools on a 100% virtualized and certified cloud. We manage your environments so you can focus on your applications and your business. We take care of the deployment, migration and maintenance of your SAP® environments.

The main advantages of our solution are:


99.9% guaranteed SLA

Operations teams organized according to ITIL best practices and ISO certified, for optimal service quality



Our platforms are optimized to efficiently carry all applications SAP® and SAP HANA®

Adaptable et évolutif

Adaptable & scalable

We offer a range of models adapted to your use and your growth.

Configure your new SAP® application, or migrate your existing SAP® application and operate the corresponding environments..

A multicloud outsourcing solution

Managed Application for SAP® can be delivered on a Public Cloud like Flexible Engine (OpenStack technology), on a partner infrastructure (AWS or Azure), or on private cloud platforms. These platforms are optimized to efficiently port all your SAP® and SAP HANA® applications.

Depending on the infrastructure chosen, your solution will be hosted and managed in Orange’s secure datacenters or at one of our partners

Expertise & service related to our outsourcing solution

Our certified experts define and deploy the infrastructure best suited to your SAP® business needs, and our operational teams guarantee optimal operational maintenance with 24/7 support

  • Consulting and expertise on the sizing and optimization of the SAP® solution
  • Certified virtual and physical machines for SAP Hana® production
  • Design and architecture of the SAP® / SAP Hana® solution
  • Migration of the current solution (servers and data)
  • 24/7 maintenance of the solution: supervision, service level agreements, monitoring of SAP Hana® indicators, backup management
  • Regular reporting and service weather
  • Expertise on database deployment in High Availability, Scalability & Security, disaster recovery, backup and recovery solutions, monitoring and reporting, etc.
  • Support : Your key contacts present during all phases of your project

Get support from our integrator partners

Our integrator partners support you in implementing and optimizing SAP® solutions according to your business needs.

Take advantage of the SAP Hana®Trial

The Managed Applications for SAP® offering provides two trial scenarios to allow you to test use cases before going into production or in parallel with production:

  • Prototyping is used to test a new application.
  • Sandbox is designed to test the evolutions of an existing SAP® application.

Use case

Flexible Engine for SAP© Solutions, your SAP Hana® projects are managed and hosted in the Orange Public Cloud, Flexible Engine

Use of the Flexible Engine public cloud solution

Our public cloud solution, operated by our experts

SAP HANA ECS certified infrastructure

Gives you access to an innovative and efficient infrastructure to host your traditional applications

A scalable and evolving solution

We offer a range of templates adapted to your use and your growth

Managed by Orange Business

Orange Business operational teams guarantee maintenance in operational condition with 24/7 support

The ingestion and calculation in real time allow the implementation of dashboards updated in real time.

Configure your new SAP® application, or migrate your existing SAP® application and operate the corresponding environments

From the classic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which integrates all the necessary key processes (finance, HR, production, supply chain, services, purchasing, etc.) to run a business in a single system… To an intelligent and integrated ERP system running on an In-Memory database, SAP HANA.
This ERP leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to provide more information, visibility and efficiency in all aspects of the business.
In partnership with Synvance, we propose a PoC (Proof of concept) offer to accompany you in your migration to SAP S/4 Hana based on two approaches 

Greenfield Approach

  • New implementation of SAP S/4 HANA
  • Total redesign of the system
  • Simplification of processes
  • Prior definition of best practices
  • Discovery of functionalities

Brownfield Approach

  • Technical conversion to SAP S/4 HANA
  • Re-evaluation of existing processes
  • Little impact on existing business processes

Package included:

The provision of a technical architecture

  • Provision of a dedicated architecture sized according to usage and objectives: duration, capacity and availability
  • Implementation of components and connectors

Coverage of the functional perimeter

  • Corresponding to a base on which will be added the specificities expected according to your context

Provision of SAP Hana licenses

Why make a POC?

Identification of prior actions on the existing solution

Estimate of the schedule and budget

Securing the conversion to S4/HANA.

Opening to the Cloud

Anticipation of conversion issues.