White paper - Public cloud and multi-cloud: why rely on a cloud provider and how to choose it

Today, it is common knowledge that the cloud has become a key element in the digital transformation of businesses. The rapid increase in spending on the various cloud components is proof of this. This evolution is accompanied by several key trends such as: multi-cloud, the need to rely on managed cloud service providers, the success of Open Sources platforms including OpenStack, the concentration of companies on results and no longer on technology, the need of developers who focus on speed of deployment and scalability ... IDC describes the future prospects of the flexible engine solution offered by Orange Business Services and Huawei, while presenting the challenges ahead.

En conclusion et en s’appuyant sur les tendances décrites dans le document, IDC émet quatre préconisations essentielles pour les entreprises qui s’intéressent au marché du cloud public et qui envisagent de faire appel à des fournisseurs de cloud.

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Synthèse :

  • Cloud computing is essential for digital transformation
  • The growing importance of multicloud
  • OpenStack and managed OpenStak
  • Introducing Flexible Engine
  • Future prospects
  • Challenges

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