Singapore Standards Council - MTCS 3

Certifications of cloud offers

The multi-tiered cloud security (MTCS) certification certifies cloud providers based on multiple security levels. The benefits of selecting a level 3 MTCS provider are the ability to host extremely sensitive data such as medical data on a HITSecP (Healthcare IT Security Policy) compliant platform. The customer is also able to host other sensitive data such as personal, or banking information.

What certification levels were obtained?

Orange Cloud for Business OCB was awarded the Level 3 MTCS (Multi-Tier Cloud Security) certification, the highest available level.

What was the scope of the certification?

The public cloud Flexible Engine was awarded the level 3 MTCS.

What are the different levels of MTCS?

MTCS is a security norm backed by the Singaporean government that offers three certification levels:

  • Level 1: Cloud solutions that do not host sensitive data
  • Level 2: Cloud solutions that host sensitive data such as private, confidential or banking data.
  • Level 3: Cloud solutions that host extremely sensitive data such as financial or medical data.

Internal and external audits are conducted on a yearly basis.

The MTCS security reference document is not available for free. It is however possible to access the first few pages of the document through the following portal. You will also be able to access a table comparing MTCS with other security certifications.

  • MTCS/ISO27001
  • MTCS/ISO27018
  • MTCS/référentiel de sécurité des données de santé (HITSecP)

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Orange Business Services (OBS) undertakes, in the context of its activities and in accordance with the legislation in force in France and Europe, to ensure the protection, confidentiality and security of the personal data of the users of its services, and respect their privacy. You can consult our charter relating to the protection of personal data and privacy.

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