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A solution that brings together services dedicated to transforming, building and operating virtual work environments.

Sit back and let our teams of experts carry out a personalized audit of your organization’s current information system in order to best prepare for the transformation towards virtual workstations.

To help you focus on your core business, we support, host and operate your virtual desktops.

We offer auditing, consulting, software integration and outsourcing services to support you in your digital transformation from end to end.

advantages of the Flexible Workspace User Experience solution

Quality of service for an optimal user experience

A dashboard with highly relevant indicators, allows you to monitor the quality of service delivered to your employees in real time and to anticipate incidents.


Users benefit from a best in class user experience wherever they may be. Our teams provide a highly scalable service and manage virtual workspaces on your behalf.


Users are provded with a versatile virtual work environment that allows them to perform autonomously in mobility situations.

Key point

A catalog of optional support services

The Pilot portal allows provides you with key montiroing indicators allowing you to continuously measure the quality of services delivered to users through Flethexible Workspace solution. Incidents are proactively anticipated, thereby gaining end-user buy-in to your transformation project.

Simplified management of your workstations

The virtual workstation is scalable, adapts precisely to the needs of your users and frees you from hardware limitations. Your IT teams are able to quickly provide end users with a new working environment and deploy new software versions or operating systems (OS).

Secure your mobile data

The contents (applications, data, profile) are stored in a private cloud that is not at risk being compromised by the loss or theft of the physical workstation.

A workstation that meets the new expectations of your users

Virtual desktops are accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device. They are more flexible and respond better to the provision of new work environments including collaborative tools, unified communications, corporate social networks, analytics, virtual reality etc.

Flexible Workspace User Experience is well suited to answer the following business needs:

  • How to speed up the update of your Windows 10 migration?
  • How to manage the merger or acquisition of a new entity?
  • How to secure the nomadic data of users?
  • How to facilitate the implementation of teleworking within your organisation?
  • How to optimize your human and financial resources in the management of your workstations?
  • How to accelerate the deployment of a new business application?
  • How to improve the user’s perception of their workstation?

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