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A platform of innovative services dedicated to the exploitation of Earth observation data, collected by ESA’s Copernicus program

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Through the sobloo platform, Airbus, Orange Business Services and Capgemini aim to simplify the exploitation of Earth observation data.

  • Large catalog of data (Sentinel, One Atlas, Muscate…)
  • Open source tools and services to develop your applications based on sobloo data
  • Efficient and secure public cloud

The main advantages of Sobloo solution:

A unique market place

Brings together data and data processing services to make the Earth’s data mining work more efficient


The animation of an ecosystem of partners specializing in the analysis of terrestrial data


Pooling of infrastructure and data storage costs

Use cases

Precision farming

The agricultural world is faced with several challenges that the Sobloo platform can help you meet 

  • Apply the directives imposed by the environmental authorities
  • To produce more and better, that is to say to succeed in feeding a population in constant evolution
  • Use the latest technologies to better estimate production needs thanks to artificial intelligence …

In Champagne production, for example, Sobloo data allows the monitoring of crops. Coupled with the use of an Artificial Intelligence solution, the data enables the development of a service for better vine monitoring and optimisation of grape bunch harvesting. An algorithm analyzes in real time the images of the bunches taken by the machine in order to identify the bunch to be harvested or left on the vine.

In rice growing, an application allows farmers to optimize the productivity and quality of their crops by limiting the use of agricultural inputs, especially in winter. In addition, thanks to satellite and aerial images, information and advice is provided to assign people or equipment to farmers’ plots. All this information also makes it possible to take decisions on the rice capacity available for export once domestic needs have been covered.