Flexible Computing Advanced

Manage your own infrastructures and those of your clients

Virtual Private Cloud


An innovative public cloud solution based on VMware standards with more than 50 services available via API.
Flexible Computing Advanced offers you a secure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing solution hosted in France.



Hosted in a datacenter with Tier 4-equivalent architecture, the infrastructure includes VMware NSX and provides access to advanced features.


vCloud Director instantly adjusts resources, and APIs enable applications to be deployed quickly in order to accommodate all uses.


Experts are present during the deployment phase and during the solution life cycle. A service catalog is available so that you can manage your complex environments.

Key points

On-demand IT resources

  • You deploy your virtual datacenters (vDC) yourself with the resources you need.
  • Your virtual machines are deployed the way you want them to be in the vDC.
  • Catalogs of public and private templates are available so your infrastructures can be implemented quickly.

A portal for every need

  • Self-service access to all features is provided via dedicated interfaces: VMware’s vCloud Director, Zerto for DR, and NSS for backup.
  • vCD APIs enable you to create and automatically control your infrastructure, whether it be for one or multiple vDCs.

Multiple service classes

  • 4 computing service classes per vDC: eco, standard, high performance, and dedicated clusters
  • 2 vDC allocation modes: pay-as-you-go (PAYG) billing or reserved billing
  • 3 storage service classes: silver, gold, and platinum
  • 2 storage allocation modes: dedicated or shared

Predictable billing

  • Billed per vDC
  • Several billing modes: pay-as-you-go (PAYG) billing or reserved billing with several resource allocation modes
  • A detailed usage file provided each month


Connectivity provided by Orange’s VPN.

  • 24/7 platform management and monitoring
  • Daily backups with hardware redundancy
  • 95% annual availability on the platform
  • 4-hour GTTR in the event of an incident depending on your support level

Your custom support services

Solution Manager



Solution Manager

Take advantage of individualized consulting or expertise services to help you with your cloud project.

You can have a dedicated technical expert regularly monitor your project for the duration of the project. 
This service requires a preliminary qualification in order to determine how involved this dedicated Solution Manager would be on a monthly basis.
Additional assistance, expertise, and consulting services may be added upon request.

Customized services

  • Should none of the packs offered meet your needs, you can get a customized service offer.
  • Our Cloud Coaches will create a special order, specifying what work is to be performed, the terms and conditions of service, prerequisites, and limitations as well as the applicable pricing system.


Our Expertise Pack allows you to adapt its content according to your needs. With this expertise service, you can take advantage of support and recommendations during the important or more complex phases of your projects in order to secure them and ensure their success.

For example, our Cloud Coaches are available to assist you:

  • With implementing a project in the Orange Business Services environment: use of our services, security, skills improvement, and performance
  • During the critical phases of your project, such as operating a service, launching new features, and performing predictable scaling

You can sign up for this service at any time—whenever you need it! You’ll only pay for the expert time you require.

Upon receiving your Expertise Pack order, a Cloud Coach will contact you by telephone to define the terms and conditions for performing the service: your expectations, the desired session date(s), and practical details.

The Expertise Pack is available in 1-, 4-, and 8-hour service packages. This service is based on 5 stipulations:

  1. The minimum unit of time (UT) is 30 minutes.
  2. Each request that you send by email counts as a UT.
  3. The number of UTs used includes the time spent with you on the telephone as well as the time spent investigating and carrying out the work.
  4. If a service requires several UTs, you will be contacted with a number of UTs, and a preliminary agreement must be reached before the work is performed.
  5. After each service session, you are sent a summary email indicating the number of UTs remaining.

Use case

Flexible Computing Advanced offers a powerful, reliable infrastructure to host your applications.


  • Adapt pay-as-you-go resources
  • Take advantage of DR (Disaster Recovery)
  • Overflow capacity
  • Adjust resources according to the duration of the project
  • Make the most of OPEX flexibility; reduce CAPEX
  • Optimize the TCO


  • Outsource the infrastructure in order to refocus on your core business and free up budgets
  • Trust a reliable partner and proven technology

Guaranteed data integrity

  • Strengthen protective mechanisms
  • Limit exposure to threats
  • Manage obsolescence
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