Flexible Engine Webinar Series

Flexible Engine Webinar Series helps you get the most out of our public cloud

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On demand webinar

Webinar: build your own hybrid cloud with Flexible Engine Stack

With Flexible Engine Stack, build your own dedicated hybrid cloud solution on your premises or in one of our highly secure data centers.

Flexible Engine Stacked is hosted on state of the art infrastructure and cloud services deployed by our teams around the globe. Secure your critical applications on Flexible Engine Stack and scale to the Flexible Engine public cloud when needed.

Over the course of this Webinar, discover the benefits of a highly modular hybrid cloud, and how our teams at Orange Business Services can help you implement your dedicated infrastructure.

Webinar: Explore satellite data with the cloud

Satellite data is an invaluable resource that can deliver key insights to many research projects. Unlocking the potential within these images can be difficult without the right tools.

Through the Sobloo DIAS, Orange Business Services public cloud Flexible Engine, explore all of Copernicus’s rich dataset of high quality satellite imagery and gather key insights assisted by the cloud.

During this webinar, learn all there is to know about Sobloo and how it can benefit your research projects.