Web Application Firewall

Protect your Cloud infrastructures from web threats.

Flexible Engine / Security


Icône Web Application Firewall


Intelligent: Enables remote disaster recovery with intelligent scheduling and optimal access; supports resolution on the cloud; deploys within seconds.


24/7: Professional security teams provide 24/7 monitoring. With comprehensive protection configuration, WAF can defend against latest 0-day vulnerabilities.


Synergistic: Supports automatic upgrade on the cloud; detects potential threats and sets up multi-dimensional defense systems in collaboration with other security services.


Web Application Firewall (WAF) uses deep learning algorithms to filter out malicious requests and common attacks, such as SQL injection and XSS, and prevent attacks to your application availability, security, or resources. With data security at its core, WAF allows you to create custom security policies for specific scenarios.

Application scenario: 0 Day Vulnerabilities

In cases of 0-day vulnerabilities in third-party frameworks or plug-ins, WAF provides 360-degree protection using virtual patches against attacks that may exploit these vulnerabilities.

Scénario d’application du Web Application Firewall
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