Volume Backup Service

Program and save easily your data disks

Flexible Engine / Storage



VBS supports 99.999999999% data durability.


VBS supports two backup methods, manual backup and automatic backup. At the same time VBS supports two restoration methods, reverting an EVS disk to its original state and creating an EVS disk with backup data.


Volume Backup Service (VBS) provides snapshot-based protection for Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks in the public cloud.

VBS provides online one-click backup and restoration for EVS disks, such as system and data disks of ECSs, allowing you to leverage another layer of security. If an Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disk of an ECS is faulty or logic errors occur on data, you can use the backups to quickly restore data.

Application scenario

Online uninterrupted backups can be performed on EVS disks, and backup files can be used to seamlessly restore EVS disks.

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