Virtual Private Cloud

Flexible Engine / Network

Isolate your cloud resources with configurable Vpns from your console



You can define which instance has or not access to internet as well as all the authorized flows or not on the VPC. Thereby the solution guarantees you a totally isolated and privative space.


Your virtual private Clouds are entirely configurable online and you can visualize your different CPV and associated instance thanks to a dynamic graphic representation.


You are only charged for the actually outgoing traffic without any additional cost for the allocated bandwidth.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enables you to provision a logically isolated, configurable, and manageable virtual network environment, improving security of resources in a public cloud and simplifying network deployment.

You have complete control over your virtual network environment, including network creation and DHCP configuration. You can use security groups to improve security of your network environments. Additionally, you can apply for a public IP address for a VPC to connect the VPC to the public network. You can also connect a VPC to your physical data center using a virtual private network (VPN), implementing smooth application migration to the cloud.


Network isolation

Network environments of different VPCs are completely isolated, allowing each tenant to exclusively use secure network resources.

Access control

With a VPC, tenants can implement multi-dimensional access control using security groups, meeting requirements of security-demanding scenarios.

Software-defined networking

Tenants can configure networking and DHCP functions as well as assign EIPs to connect Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) in VPCs to the Internet. The configurations take effect immediately after the required operations are performed.

Interconnection with physical data centers

Tenants can use VPNs to connect VPCs to their physical data centers, implementing smooth migration from the physical data centers to the cloud. Currently, only IPsec VPN is supported.

Application scenario: Dedicated Networks

Leverage the VPC service to build private networks, assign EIPs for network access, and configure and deploy services.

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