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Tag Management Service – Unified categorization of cloud services across regions

A visualized service for fast and unified cross-region tagging

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Tag Management Service (TMS) is a visualized service for fast and unified cross-region tagging and categorization of cloud services.Tags can be used to classify cloud resources by dimension, use, owner, or environment.

Scenarios 1 : Central Management of Resources

For users who have many cloud resources, TMS allows them to quickly locate all of their resources with specific tags. TMS also provides a unified tag management platform, on which users can check, modify, or delete tags.

Scenarios 1 : Quick Identification of Migrated Resources

For users who need to migrate large numbers of resources, TMS allows for the import and export of predefined tags. This improves the accuracy and efficiency of resource migration while eliminating the need to set tags each time.


Resource tag management

TMS provides users with a visualized table to manage resource tags, including editing tags in batches.

Resource tag search

Users can search for resources of all services in all regions by tag or by combination of tags.

Predefined tag management

users can create, import, or export predefined tags. By predefining tags, users can plan tags from the service perspective to effectively manage tags.


  • Users access TMS through the management console or HTTPS-compliant application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Easy to use
  • Optimal resources management


Service Resource type
Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) ECS
VIrtual Private Cloud (VPC) VPC
Elastic Volume Service (EVS) Disk
Auto Scaling (AS) AS group
Image Management Service (IMS) Private image