Storage Disaster Recovery Service

A turnkey disaster recovery solution on Flexible Engine

Flexible Engine / Storage


High reliability

With the high-availability and fault-tolerance design, data disks are efficiently and reliably synchronized. After a disk is faulty, EVS synchronization can be reversed or relaunched.

Low recovery Time

Replication delay is below 1 minute


The service is paid per use. Users do not need to build disaster recovery system by themselves, which reduces the disaster recovery cost.


Storage Disaster Recovery Service provides disaster recovery (DR) services for many public cloud services, such as Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), and Dedicated Storage Service (DSS). SDRS uses multiple technologies, such as storage replication, data redundancy, and cache acceleration, to provide high data reliability and service continuity for users.

SDRS protects service applications by replicating server data and specifications in a source AZ to a target AZ. It allows service applications to start in the target AZ in the event that source AZ servers stop. This improves service availability and continuity.

You can use DRS to protect a set of Virtual Servers.

Failover and Failback

In case of a crash or a fault on the primary AZ, you can start the your activity on a second AZ. With DRS and its cross-AZ synchronization, your activity restarts in less than 1 hour with very few data loss ( 1 minute ). After repairs, DRS allows you to switch back your activity on the primary AZ.

Partial Failover

DRS supports synchronization group configuration. Through the console, you can group the servers by application or business domain and failover each group.

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