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Software Repository for Container

Easy, secure, and reliable management of Docker container images

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Software Repository for Container (SWR) provides easy, secure, and reliable management of Docker container images throughout their lifecycles, featuring image push, pull, and deleting.

Private image repository and fine-grained permission management allow users to grant different access permissions, namely, read, write, and edit, to different users. Every time an image is updated, the application deployed in Cloud Container Engine (CCE) with this image will be automatically updated. The trigger option enables automatic application update.

Users can push, pull, and manage Docker images by using the SWR console, SWR APIs, or Docker Command Line Interface (CLI).

Software Repository for Container (SWR) has the following advantages

Easy to Use

SWR enables users to quickly deploy containerized services.

Easy integration

SWR supports Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs, allowing users to call APIs using HTTPS. 


The number of SWR organizations that users can create is determined by a quota:

Resource Quota
Number of organizations 5