Service Stage

The plateform as a service dedicated to your Java cloud developments

Flexible Engine / Application


ServiceStage is a one-stop application platform service that provides development, deployment, governance and maintenance features for enterprise microservice applications. It embeds multi-tenant container cluster management, application orchestration, microservice DevOps, application performance management and software repository features. ServiceStage relies on infrastructure services to provide computing, storage and network resources. In detail, ServiceStage leverages ECS instances to create cluster nodes, leverages VPC service to assign network, security group and EIP for cluster nodes, leverages EVS instance to persist application data, and OBS buckets to store software packages. Also ServiceStage depends on IAM service to control identity, tenant, and accesses. ServiceStage is designed based on open source communities. In container runtime, ServiceStage relies on Docker project. In container orchestration, ServiceStage relies on Kubernetes project and is compatible with Kubernetes API. And in microservice governance, as the ecosystem is dynamic, ServiceStage supports Spring Cloud ecosystem and develops own community called ServiceComb



Provides a unified platform for managing the application lifecycle, from development, release, to O&M.


Features framework- and platform-independent, and supports open source systems Kubernetes and Spring Cloud. Existing applications can be smoothly migrated to the cloud.


Supports non-intrusive probes and full-stack topology visualization. Application monitoring, alarms, and governance facilitate self-healing in the event of faults.

Application scenario: Saas application

Service Stage provides multi-tenant solutions that enable enterprises to sell services. These solutions are specifically suited for SaaS applications in the energy and education domains.

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