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Migrate to Flexible Engine elastic cloud servers in complete safety

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Server Migration Service (SMS) provides P2V and V2V migration services to help you migrate applications and data from on-premises x86 physical servers or virtual machines on private or public clouds to ECS (Flexible Engine Elastic Cloud Server).

Schéma Server Migration Service

SMS has the following features :

Block-level Migration and Synchronization :
Windows Agent scans the file system, identifies the used blocks, and migrates them. Blocks changed when the migration is being executed are recorded as snapshots. After the full migration, the snapshots can be synchronized to the target ECS at any time.

File-level Migration and Synchronization :
Linux Agent uses the Rsync component to migrate and synchronize files.

Various Types of Migration Channels :
SMS uses EIP, VPN, and private lines to migrate data.

Real-time Migration Rate Limiting :
You can limit the migration rate at any time to prevent impacts on source server services.

Data Channel Encryption :
SMS authenticates the Agent using the AK/SK and uses the latest SSL certificates and keys to encrypt every transmission channel.

Automatic ECS Creation and Recommendation :
Le système cThe system automatically creates the target ECS of the specifications and configuration at your choice during the migration.

Optimized P2V and V2V :
After the migration, SMS optimizes the driver installation, system activation, password processing, and status control on the target ECS.


Easy to use

You only need to install and configure the migration Agent on the source servers and create the migration task on SMS. SMS will complete the migration.

Smooth service switchover

Workloads can be seamlessly migrated to the target ECSs without interrupting services during migration. Downtime during the last data cutover is minimal. After the incremental data is synchronized in the last time, services start immediately.

Strong compatibility

SMS migrates VMs on mainstream private or public clouds and x86 physical servers and supports migration of more than 40 mainstream Windows Server and Linux Server OSs.

Fast transmission

SMS supports block-level migration. SMS can identify and migrate valid data blocks, and the migration network utilization rate reaches above 80%.

Haute sécurité

SMS uses AKs and SKs to authenticate migration Agent identities and uses SSL to encrypt the transmission channel to ensure your data security, the certificates and secret keys used for SSL encryption are generated dynamically.

Use case

Migration ECSs inside Flexible Engine

If you have Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) that belong to different Flexible Engine accounts, you can use Server Migration Service (SMS) to migrate them to one Flexible Engine account quickly. SMS can migrate servers from source platforms to Flexible Engine ECSs in the same region or different regions.

Migration VMs from private cloud

If you plan to migrate VMs on private cloud including VMware /Hyper-V/OpenStack/Fusionsphere to Flexible Engine, you can use SMS to quickly migrate workloads and data from source server to Flexible Engine ECSs.

Migration VMs from public cloud

If you plan to migrate VMs on public cloud to Flexible Engine, you can use SMS to quickly migrate servers on other public cloud inucluding AWS/Azure/AlicCloud/Tencent Cloud to Flexible Engine, and this scenario has a high successful migration rate.