Scalable File Service

An on demand shared file system

Flexible Engine / Storage


File sharing

Servers of different availability zones in the same region can access the same file system, implementing access and file sharing among multiple servers.


The service is scalable based on your capacity requirements, and services are not interrupted during scaling. Scalable File Service guarantees sufficient storage capacity up to 10PB to meet your needs.

Seamless integration

Scalable File Service supports NFSv3, allowing mainstream applications to access data through the standard protocol.


Scalable File Service (SFS) provides an on-demand, scalable, and high-performance shared file system for Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs).

The solution is designed to manage a large storage volume optimally. Therefore, SFS is applicable to a wide range of scenarios, such as media processing and content management.

Application scenario: File Sharing

Secure file and data sharing among employees and departments of large enterprises is enabled through authentication and permission management.

Scalable File Service
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