Resource Template Service

Make the management of your cloud resources automatized

Flexible Computing / Management and Deployment


The RTS (Resource Template Service) simplifies your cloud computing resource management and automatic O&M.

A cloud orchestration template is a user-readable, easy to compile file that describes the infrastructure for a cloud application and you can define a collection of cloud computing resources, dependencies between resources, and resource configurations.

Then you can automatically create and configure all resources in the template by using the orchestration engine so as to implement automatic deployment and simplify O&M. The RTS service supports most native OpenStack Heat APIs and templates in the Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) format.

You can use RTS by calling RTS API (Application Programming Interface) already available (since the beginning of FE) or using the RTS console. With the RTS console, you can use templates to automatically deploy resources.


Easy to create and manage resources

RTS service makes it easy to organize and deploy resources, and user only need to run one command by using RTS command line interface, or a single request by calling the APIs or using RTS UI, and there is no need to recall the details of how to create and interconnect the respective resources via their service APIs.

Supports a Wide Range of Resources

RTS service supports 30 resource types, including 24 OpenStack original resources and 6 extended resources.

Easy to Integrate

RTS service provides standard Restful API, and users can integrate RTS service with the development and management tools of your choice easily.

Application scenario : create server batches

RTS allows enterprises to create ECSs in batches to simplify preconfiguration and updates so that the development and testing environment can be dynamically deployed.

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