Public Cloud – Flexible Engine

Resource Template Service (RTS) – Orchestration service

RTS describes the infrastructure for a cloud application in text files which are readable and writable by humans, and can be managed by version control tools

Templates specify the relationships between resources (e.g. this volume is connected to this server). This enables RTS to call out to the OpenStack APIs to create your entire infrastructure in the correct order to completely launch your application.

Resource Template Service APIs is provided for the user, and Heat API is the real API service running on cascading OpenStack. Heat Engine is core of Heat which parse template and orchestrate resources. 

Cloud Application (Stack) Management

RTS manage user’s stack, which containing serial of resources instance in Openstack. This feature enables users to create, update, delete and query Stack. Also, users can query event of stacks or resources in stack.

RTS service API

This feature provides standard Restful API which can call by the users to manage stacks.


The RTS UI currently allows users to create, update, and delete stacks. The RTS service now does not provide the template management function, and users need to manually manage their templates. Later versions will provide complete template management functions, such as online template editing. 


User can update, suspend, resume stack, and the resource in stack will automatically scale, including remove or add instance. This feature can record and show detail info of these events. User can check events of stack or resource by using API.

Software configuration

RTS can launch instances and deploy software configuration into instances.


Easy to create and manage resources

RTS service makes it easy to organize and deploy resources, and user only need run one command by using RTS command line interface, or a single request by calling the APIs or using RTS UI, and there is no need to recall the details of how to create and interconnect the respective resources via their service APIs.

Supports a Wide Range of Resources

RTS service supports 30 resource types, including 24 OpenStack original resources and 6 extended resources.

Easy to integrate

RTS service provides standard Restful API, and users can integrate RTS service with the development and management tools of your choice easily.