Machine Learning Service

Give a meaning to your data

Flexible Engine / Data Analysis


Machine Learning Service (MLS) is an analysis platform service that allows you to quickly discover data overviews and create predictive models using automatic learning techniques, and to deploy the models as predictive analytical solutions.

MLS provides a visualized operation interface to orchestrate the formation process, evaluation and prediction processes of machine learning models. In addition, it seamlessly integrates data analysis with prediction applications, simplifying the management of machine learning models’ life cycle.


Interactive predictive analysis

 Interactive programming tools for laptops.

Rich Algorithm Library

The MLS service optimizes the commonly used machine learning algorithm, has better performance and a better linear acceleration ratio, supports massive distributed analysis data processing, the user can extend the custom algorithm.

Ease of use

 MLS offers users an easy way to use Machine Learning and create flexible predictive analytics solutions in the cloud.

Application scenario: identify the perfect costumer

You can scientifically group customers by data mining and formulate strategies based on customer group characteristics to provide appropriate products and develop target marketing activities, thereby achieving commercial benefits

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