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Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) – Complete Edge Computing solution

Intelligent EdgeFabric

Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) provides users with a complete edge computing solution where cloud applications are extended to the edge. By leveraging edge-cloud synergy, users can manage edge nodes and applications remotely while still processing data nearby. In addition, they can perform Operations & Maintenance (O&M) in the cloud, including edge node monitoring, edge application monitoring, and log collection.

Edge Node

They are used to run edge applications, to process data, and to collaborate with cloud applications securely and conveniently. Users can deploy system applications using IEF to extend cloud service capabilities to edge nodes or deploy their own applications to implement edge computing capabilities.

End Device

End devices can be as small as a sensor or controller or as large as a smart camera or computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool. These devices can be connected to IEF through edge nodes. After devices are connected to IEF, users can manage them on IEF in a unified manner.



A unique access certificate is issued for each edge node. Bidirectional communication is authenticated and encrypted by certificates.

Open Compatibility

IEF is based on the open-source software KubeEdge. Based on Kubernetes, KubeEdge provides fundamental infrastructure support for network, application deployment, and metadata synchronization between the cloud and edge.


The combination of cloud and edge computing implements data filtering and analysis on edge nodes, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces cloud computing costs.