Identity and Access Management

Administer your Flexible engine users

Flexible Engine / Management and Deployment


Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an enterprise-level self-service cloud resource management system and provides user identity management and access control functions.

With IAM, users can manage user accounts (for example, employees, systems, or applications) and control the operation rights of these accounts over their resources. If multiple users collaboratively operate resources in an enterprise, IAM prevents users from sharing their account keys with other users and allows the security administrators to grant only necessary permissions to users. IAM also ensures account security and reduces security risks for enterprise information by allowing users to set login verification policies, password policies, and access control list (ACL).


High Reliability

If a fault occurs, IAM allows key services to recover automatically and quickly using the layered hot redundancy.

IAM uses a security model. The account and rights management covers various user roles including cloud resource operation roles and user management roles.


User permissions are managed by user group, achieving minimum authorization and ensuring cloud resource security.

The login verification policies, password policies, and ACL can be set to ensure user account and system security.

When a user calls an API, an access key is used to authenticate the user’s identity to improve system security.

Open APIs

Users can develop comprehensive functions and access the cloud service system using the open APIs of IAM.

Application scenario : Single Sign On

Access Flexible Engine through the enterprise management system, without having to create Orange Business Services accounts.

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