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Host Security Service (HSS) – identify, manage, and protect assets on clients’ servers

Comprehensive server protection in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Host Security Service (HSS) is a comprehensive solution designed to identify, manage, and protect assets on clients’ servers, ensuring a robust defense against intrusions and web page tampering. HSS offers advanced protection, security operations functions, Container Guard Service (CGS), and Web Tamper Protection (WTP). It is tailored to safeguard server workloads in hybrid clouds and multi-cloud data centers.


Centralized management

  • Enables centralized control of security issues across servers through a singular console.
  • Facilitates streamlined analysis and resolution of risks using advanced filtering, searching, and batch processing functions.

Accurate defense

  • Deploys advanced detection technologies for precise blocking of attacks.
  • Ensures comprehensive protection against intrusions through a strategic blend of prevention, defense, and post-intrusion scanning.

Lightweight Agent

  • Implements the HSS agent seamlessly on servers without compromising system performance.
  • Leverages third-generation web anti-tampering technology and kernel-level event triggering for heightened security.

HSS offers clients a centralized approach to security management, coupled with risk evaluation, proactive security measures, and intrusion detection for comprehensive server protection. For more information on the service please visit the HelpCenter