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Elastic Volume Service (EVS) – high-performance and persistent block storage service

Highly available “persistent” block storage

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It is used as a system disk for cloud servers but also as additional user adjustable data disks.

We offer different storage classes, standard I / O and high performance I / O, leaving you the choice according to your needs. You can expand the size of your volumes to your liking. These volumes also benefit from our backup service (VBS) allowing you to back up your data directly to our object storage.

The volumes are highly available and are used as a boot partition for servers or as additional data storage devices.

Our block volumes are available in 3 performance ranges:

  • Standard range using SATA drives
  • High I / O range using SSDs
  • Ultra high I/O range using SSDs


The service provides you with high performance, permanent block storage. You create Elastic Volume disks and attach them to Elastic Clouds so that EVS can access and use the disks.

EVS provides the following functions :

  • Support various types of drives, including high performance EVS I / O and classic I / O drives You can choose EVS drives according to your I / O needs.
  • Allows you to expand disk capacity elastically to meet growing storage capacity needs.
  • Provides very large storage capacities. A single EVS drive supports up to 32TB of space.
  • Works with Volume Backup Service (VBS) to provide the backup service. The backup file can be used to restore data in the event of an exception, such as misuse, attack or data tampering. EVS supports the recovery of Elastic Volume Service disks from one region to another using the Volume Backup Service.
  • Provides a system disk with an enterprise capacity of 1 GB to 99 GB, and a data disk with a capacity of 10 GB to 32 GB.


High reliability

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High performance

Throughput of 50,000 IOPS and 350MB / s on one disk.

Massive capacity

Ultra-large block storage device, with up to 32TB in one Elastic Volume Service drive and up to 10 EVS drives in a single Elastic Cloud Service server.

Multiple characteristics

There are two types of disks by performance options: Regular I / O and Ultra High I / O.

Shared disk

An Elastic Volume Service disk can be connected to multiple Elastic Cloud Service servers or Bare Metal Servers.


  • The Elastic Volume Service system disk can be detached only if the Elastic Cloud Service is stopped.
  • The disk capacity can be expanded only if the disk is available.
  • The Bare Metal Server can only attach the EVS disk to SCSI type.
  • Shared EVS disk can only support ECS data disk.