Elastic Volume Service

EVS provides high-performance and persistent block storage service. Users create EVS disks and attach them to Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) so that the ECSs can access and use the disks.


High Reliability

Data stored with 3 copies, for a data durability of 99.99999%.

High Performance

20,000 IOPS and 320 MB/s throughput in an EVS disk.

Massive Capacity

Ultra-large block storage device, with up to 32 TB in an EVS disk and up to (24) EVS disks in an ECS.


EVS provides the following features:

  • Supports different types of EVS disks, including common I/O and ultra-high I/O EVS disks. User can select the EVS disks based on I/O requirements.
  • Allows expanding the EVS disk capacity elastically to meet the increasing requirements for storage capacity.
  • Provides ultra-large storage capacity. A single EVS disk supports up to 32 TB of space.
  • Works with Volume Backup Service (VBS) to provide the backup service. The backup file can be used to restore data in the event of an exception, for example, the misoperation, attack, or data tampering. EVS supports cross AZ restore EVS disk through VBS. The backup is stored in the OBS.
  • Provides a system disk with a capacity of 1 GB to 32TB and a data disk with a capacity of 10 GB to 32 TB.
  • Support shared EVS disk which can be attached to multiple servers.

Gamme standard utilisant des disques SATA

  • Jusqu’à 1 000 IOPS
  • Jusqu’à 40Mo/s par disque en sortie

Gamme high I/O utilisant des disques SSD

  • Jusqu’à 20 000 IOPS
  • Jusqu’à 320 Mo/s par disque en sortie
Application scenario: Enterprise office Applications

Applies to Enterprise office applications such as SAP, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint. High I/O EVS disks meet diverse enterprise office requirements.

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