Domain Name Service

Translate your domain name into an IP address

Flexible Engine / Network


High availability

DNS is developed on a highly available and reliable infrastructure.

Interconnection with other services

DNS can map domain names to ECSs, OBS buckets, and other services.

Easy to use

Users can complete the DNS configuration on the management console in a few minutes. Then the DNS is available.


DNS provides a reliable, economical, and effective way for users and developers to translate a domain name (such as into an IP address (such as so that computers can access applications. Users can create a DNS on the web-based console, and configure the domain name for the private IP address of the DNS service to improve system availability.

The reverse functionality RNS (PTR Records) will allow you to host your messaging services on Flexible Engine without considering our messages as SPAMS.

Application scenario: General DNS Resolution

The DNS service enables visitors to access your service resources, such as ECS, OBS, RDS, and ELB using domain names.

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