Distributed Cache Service

A powerful cache solution for optimal application performance

Flexible Engine / Database


Distributed Cache Service (DCS) is an in-memory database service compatible with Redis.DCS supports three instance types: single-node, master/standby, and cluster. DCS ensures high read/write performance and fast data access.



DCS for Redis is a standard and persistent in-memory database service. Based on an HA architecture and cluster architecture, it ensures high read/write performance.

Ease of use

DCS supports service migration with little modification and monitors your services based on custom alarm thresholds and policies for over 30 metrics.


Username/password-specific access and audit logs keep your data secure and traceable. The HA architecture provides data persistence and backup mechanisms.

Application scenario: video games

The Redis SortedSet data structure of DCS simplifies leaderboard creation. Redis provides fast access to leaderboards.

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