Dedicated Storage Service

A dedicated storage for more safety

Flexible Engine / Storage


High Reliability

Data stored with 3 copies, for a data durability of 99.99995%.

Rich Specifications

Has multiple DSS type and provides rich specifications as the EVS, such as shared disk, disk backup, etc.

High Performance

Based on distributed storage architecture, it is high scale-out, and provides high throughput  and high I/O for the application.


A Dedicated Storage Service is a physically isolated storage resource pool exclusively available to a tenant. It is recommended for critical applications which request for data privacy and isolation. The method for using a DSS disk is the same as that for using hard disks on traditional servers. The DSS disk provides high data reliability and I/O throughput and is easy to use. Therefore, it can be used by file systems, databases, and other system software or applications that require block storage devices.

DSS provides disks for ECS servers, DeH servers and BMS servers. DSS disks can be backed up in VBS, and VBS backups can be restored to DSS disks. DSS disk backups can be used to create a new EVS disks.

Application scenario: High Performance Computing

DSS provides ultra-high I/O storage to meet the requirements of large-scale concurrent computing. It is perfect for scenarios such as automobile simulation, DNA sequencing, and machine learning.

Dedicated Storage Service
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