Dedicated Cloud

Get on demand dedicated servers

Flexible Engine / Computing


Dedicated Cloud (DeC) is an isolated virtual computing and storage resource pool in the Public Cloud, in which a tenant can apply for dedicated physical servers to build their own computing and storage resource pool and use highly reliable isolated networks.

The ECSs created by the DeC tenant are deployed in the dedicated virtual resource pool. The DeC resources, like a private cloud, can be managed and monitored through a management console

The DeC service enables physical computing and storage resource isolation for tenants who have high requirements for resource isolation, thereby ensuring high server quality and preventing potential data security risks.



The physical computing storage resources and networks are isolated among tenants to prevent resource contention and unauthorized network access by other tenants.


The tenant can create or delete resources as required, and enable communication with existing data centers, thereby flexibly integrating resources.


you retain the benefits of the public cloud, with self-service access to creating or deleting your resources and billing based on your usage.


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