Public Cloud – Flexible Engine

Dedicated Cloud – take advantage of dedicated servers on demand

Build your own pool of virtual resources

logo du service "dedicated cloud"

Dedicated Cloud servers allow you to build your own pool of virtual resources, connected to distributed storage and to your virtual networks.

The “Dedicated Cloud” service allows you to provision one or more isolated hypervisors. In this way, you benefit within your tenant of your dedicated physical servers to build your own virtual resources, physically separated from other users and connected to distributed storage.

The “Dedicated Cloud” service allows you to isolate the computing resources for your uses requiring strong isolation and full control of the performance of your servers.

It’s a simple answer to your security and server performance needs.



Computing resources and the network are isolated within Flexible Engine, to prevent possible contentions or unauthorized access linked to other tenants.


The “Dedicated Cloud” service has the same functionalities as any Flexible Engine cloud server and is administered from the same console.


You keep the benefits of the public cloud, with self-service access to the creation or deletion of your resources and billing based on your consumption.