Data Warehouse Service

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Flexible Engine / Data Analysis


Data Warehouse Service (DWS) is a cloud-based online MPP (massively parallel processing)-based database. It is fast, stable, reliable, secure, scalable, easy to administer, and cost-effective. The database installation and deployment are performed automatically by DWS in minutes. DWS also provides some tools for database operation and maintenance (O&M), including backup and restoration, monitoring, and database connection. DWS significantly reduces the complexity and costs in terms of O&M, freeing tenants up to focus on their applications and business based on MPP-based database.


Immediate use after provisioning (short Time to Market)

DWS makes it easy to go from project conception to deployment. By using DWS Console, tenants can obtain the capabilities of a production-ready data warehouse in minutes. A deployment of a dedicated DWS cluster or even a server is not required any more.


By using DWS Console, tenants is able to scale out their cluster by adding DWS nodes to cluster, to extend DWS cluster computing power and storage capacity.

Easy to administer

By using DWS Console, tenants can set up, operate, and scale out a cluster easily. In addition, tenants can easily perform database O&M, including connecting applications to DWS clusters, taking snapshot and restoring, and monitoring DWS clusters. Tenants can use Cloud Eye (CES) Console to view cluster and hosts key metrics, including CPU/memory, DB size, Session count, Shared Buffer Hit ratio and etc.

Application scenario: e commerce

DWS can be used as a data warehouse for e commerce solution. Data of online retailers is mainly used for marketing recommendation, operating analysis, and full text search.

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