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Data Express Service (DES) – Mass Data Transfer

A terabyte-scale data transmission service

Data Express Service (DES) is a terabyte-scale data transmission service. It uses physical storage media (Teleport devices) to transmit large amounts of data from enterprise data centers to the cloud. It solves the problems associated with massive data transfer, such as high network costs and long transfer times.

The service consists of a secure NAS server sent to the customer’s data center and client software (DES Client) to be deployed on a Linux operating system. DESClient allows to select, migrate and encrypt data from the customer site to the NAS server (called teleport). The teleport is then sent to the Flexible Engine data center, where the data is migrated to the customer’s selected Object Storage Service (OBS) bucket.

DES saves your effort and money in writing code or buying any hardware for data transmission. You only need to create service orders on DES Console and use Teleports as the storage media to transmit data to Flexible Engine securely, quickly, and efficiently.

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Fast and convenient

For massive data migrations, sending teleports or simply disks to a data center (DC) can be up to 10 times faster than even a 1,000 Mbps broadband Internet connection.


Once your data is migrated to Object Storage Service (OBS), a multi-redundancy policy ensures a data durability of 99.9% and continuity of 99.99%.


With pay-per-use billing, data transmission using DES is much less expensive than using a high-speed Internet connection.

Simple configuration

Teleport is a plug-and-play device with power cables, 10GE optical fibers, and 10GE network cables. Simply by configuring IP addresses, you can start data replication within one minute.

Robust data security

  • Teleport-based DES provides military class enclosure, GPS tracking, restricted area unlock, as well as deduplication and compression. These measures ensure secure transmission.
  • Signature files are generated for service orders. A signature file is the unique identifier for matching a DES order with a Teleport, which prevents mis-operations caused by manual matching.
  • Before the data is uploaded to OBS, you need to enter the access keys (AK/SK) to trigger data upload. When the data is uploaded to OBS, SSL encryption is supported. In addition, OBS uses access keys (AK/SK) to authenticate the your access and controls the access to buckets and objects in various ways, such as ACL and bucket policies. These measures ensure the security of data upload and access.
  • Data transmitted by DES is stored on OBS. It is stored in shards and then randomly distributed on different disks. For this reason, even if some disks are stolen in the DC, your data cannot be completely restored with those lost disks.

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