Cloud Trace Service

Log all the operations carried out on your cloud

Flexible Computing / Management and Deployment


Cloud Trace Service (CTS) provides operation log on cloud service resources. Open CTS service, you can query, audit and backtrack operation log, and store traces in OBS buckets with high reliability and low cost. CTS record all traces that are triggered by open APIs and Console from every cloud service that’s integrated with CTS.

Cloud Trace Service


Real-Time Trace Collection

 CTS quickly collects generated traces. After a resource request (include create/change/delete) operation is performed, tenant can view the generated trace on the CTS console.

Full trace tracking Traces

Generated by CTS record operations performed on the public cloud management console, calls made using the open APIs, and internal actions triggered in the public cloud system. The traces also record the operation results.

High Reliability and Low Cost

CTS can combine traces to periodically generate trace files. The trace files can be delivered to an OBS bucket, providing high availability and enabling the files to be stored for a long time period at low cost.


Application scenario : Compliance Auditing

CTS provides trace audit and security abilities, helping you easily pass the compliance audits on security design of common information systems and construction of standard systems.

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