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Cloud Search Service (CSS) – Distributed search service


Logog Cloud Search service

Cloud Search Service (CSS) is a fully managed, distributed search service. It is fully compatible with open-source Elasticsearch and provides users with structured and unstructured data search, statistics, and report capabilities. CSS works in a similar way as a database.

CSS can be automatically deployed, allowing you to quickly create clusters. It provides search engine optimization practices and requires no O&M. Additionally, it has a robust monitoring system that provides key metrics, including systems, clusters, and query performance, freeing you to focus on business logic.

For details about Elasticsearch, see the Elasticsearch Reference.


CSS provides search services on the public cloud and has the following advantages:

  • Efficiency and ease of use

You can get insights from terabyte-scale data in milliseconds. In addition, you can use the visualized platform for data display and analysis.

  • Flexibility and scalability

You can request resources as needed and perform capacity expansion online with zero service interruption.

  • Custom word dictionary

Custom word dictionaries are supported. You can modify the word dictionary without having to restart instances.

  • Easy O&M

CSS is a fully-managed, out-of-the-box service. You can start using it with a few clicks. Professionals are ready to assist you whenever you want.

  • Solid reliability

You can choose to trigger snapshots manually or periodically for backup and restore snapshots to the current or other clusters. Snapshots of a cluster can be restored to another cluster to implement cluster data migration.


CSS provides the following functions:

Professional cluster management platform

The CSS management console provides various function menus, allowing you to securely manage and maintain clusters with ease using a web browser.

Robust monitoring system

The CSS management console allows you to view the running status of created clusters via the dashboard and cluster list. You can obtain the current running status of clusters through metric views.

Support for Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a popular enterprise-class Lucene-powered search server that provides distributed multi-user capabilities. CSS adopts Elasticsearch and delivers multiple functions, including full-text search, structured search, analytics, aggregation, and highlighting. With CSS, you can achieve stable, reliable, and real-time search.