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Supervise your Flexible Engine services

Flexible Computing / Management and Deployment


Benefit from an open monitoring platform that allows you to set up monitoring, alerting and supervision for your resources in real time. This service allows you to monitor metrics directly on your computing instances (ECS), storage volumes (EVS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), load balancers (ELB), autoscaling groups (AS) and relational aaS databases (RDS). You can configure alerts and notification policies based on your metrics in order to track the status and performance of monitored objects over time.

Features and functions

Automatic monitoring: Monitoring starts automatically when an instance or group of autoscaling is created. No further action is required.

  • Flexible alarm configuration: You can configure alerting and threshold rules for all your metrics. It is also possible to enable or disable these rules at any time.
  • Real-time notifications: a notification function can be activated to receive notifications on mobile phones or by email; it is also possible to send these notifications to a dedicated server.
  • Metric tracking: The Dashboard page provides an overview (in the form of graphs) and creates the desired metrics


Real-Time Monitoring

Cloud Eye collects monitoring data in real-time and immediately sends notifications when alarms are generated.

Fine-Grained Monitoring

Cloud Eye provides fine-grained information for quick decision-making and reconfiguration, and supports tracking of custom metrics through the agent, APIs, or SDKs.


Cloud Eye is available at no additional cost, and the first 100 alarm rules are free.

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