Auto Scalling

Make the sizing of your resources automatic

Flexible Engine / Computing


Auto-scaling uses your resizing policies to automatically scale the resource of a service depending on what monitoring says is needed. Resizing happens by adding or removing a VM.


It works using Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), which automatically adjusts the number of load balancer servers needed to process the load and distribute it.


The functionalities can be deployed on two datacenters from a same area in order to create servers on one of them randomly. This guarantees you an active/active solution. 


You can configure auto-scalling to react to the following elements:

  • programmed task
  • periodic task
  • servers’ solicitation (metric or monitoring)
  • you can configure the size and the limit authorized for resizing in order to guarantee an healthy and performing exploitation of your services



Adjust your rules as closely as possible to your needs thanks to multiple possibilities of personalization.

Conditions to be met by resizing (CPU, memory, network, …)
Minimum and maximum size of the self resizing group
Datacenters impacted by the rules


The automatic integration of the feature with monitoring and load balancers allows you to easily implement intelligent auto-resize features.


You can define your scalability rules directly through the console.

Application scenario: website applications

Autoscalling automatically adjusts the number of instances according to configured policies, and does not require manual intervention.

Auto Scalling


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