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Anti-DDoS – protect your infrastructures from DDOS attacks

Based on a sampling of the traffic and authorizes the infrastructure’s protection through several approaches

The anti-distributed denial of service (Anti-DDoS) aims to provide precise capabilities for defending DDoS attacks, such as challenge collapsar (CC) attacks, SYN flood, and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) flood, for tenants by encapsulating professional anti-DDoS device functions. Tenants can configure anti-DDoS thresholds based on leased bandwidth and service models. The system promptly notifies tenants of the defense status of websites after detecting attacks.

The Anti-DDoS service can defend tenants’ public IP addresses against traffic attacks and application-layer CC attacks.
The Anti-DDoS service provides the following functions:

  • Defends against traffic attacks and application-layer CC attacks. 
  • Allows tenants to customize Anti-DDoS policies. 
  • Allows tenants to select public IP addresses to be defended. 
  • Provides real-time monitoring reports. 
  • Provides weekly security reports.


  • Anti-DDoS service supports traffic cleaning only for the EIP bound with ECS and ELB services.
  • With Anti-DDoS, tenants can effectively defend against the UDP Flood attacks, ACK Flood, CC attacks, and your website can provide a stable services.


Anti-DDoS supports traffic cleaning only for the ECS and ELB services.


The Anti-DDOS service is free of charge.