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WALLIX Bastion – Secure your access to critical IT infrastructure

Simplified Privileged Access Management to secure and monitor access from anywhere

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Product Overview                                                    

Easy to use and easy to deploy, the WALLIX Bastion Privileged Access Management solution delivers robust security and oversight over privileged access to critical IT infrastructure. Reduce the attack surface and meet regulatory compliance requirements with simplified Privileged Access Management.


  • WALLIX Session Manager: Defend your critical assets from cyber-attack with powerful and easy-to-use Privileged Session Management capabilities Multiple Protocol Support.
  • WALLIX Password Manager: Securely store credentials in a controlled vault and protect passwords against theft and sharing thanks to high-end encryption.
  • WALLIX Access Manager: Enable secure remote access for IT administrators and external providers to connect safely from anywhere with secure-by-design capabilities. (Module not included with WALLIX Bastion)
  • Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management: Ensure that the right privilege is granted to the right user at the right time, without compromising productivity.
  • WALLIX Application-to-Application Password Manager Enable DevOps and Robotic Processes to automatically access critical IT resources in real time without vulnerable, hard-coded credentials left in scripts. (Module not included with WALLIX Bastion)

For more information download the brochure.

Example use cases

  • The user connects to his servers via the secure WALLIX platform

Benefits: The user does not know the secrets, access is centralized to the WALLIX platform

  • An external user has secure access to an IT resource after its access has been approved by a designated manager.

Benefits: Facilitate and centralize access to critical IT resources

  • A manager or auditor can access all session histories through WALLIX platform.

Benefits: Efficiencies through better reporting, troubleshooting and user training.


This WALLIX Bastion image for Flexible Engine is provided on a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) basis. For information about license sizing and to purchase a license please Contact Us.

The consumption of Flexible Engine resources is purchased at standard pricing given here.

Deployment Process

To register for the WALLIX Bastion service please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Flexible Engine account
  2. Select the Elastic Cloud Server in Computing services
  3. Then click Create ECS
  4. Select the relevant flavor at least 2 vCPU + 4 GB RAM
  5. To select the image, click on Public Image and choose WALLIX Bastion


Technical Support for WALLIX Bastion is available by contacting WALLIX directly.


It is recommended to contact our Orange Cyberdefense team to accompany you in the design of the WALLIX solution on Flexible Engine and to share valuable good practices for using it.