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Product overview

Superb DBA tool is an application created by summ-it. This tool allows you automate database maintenance processes, especially in compliance and security areas. Superb DBA is a sophisticated tool that aims to monitor and optimize your databases at the highest level.

  • An audit of the database on multiple layers according to your business needs.
  • Best practice recommendations for data protection and database security.
  • A real-time overview of the crucial database systems components that will facilitate the business decision-making process.
  • Automation of standard database maintenance to save your time and improve systems scalability and availability.

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Summ-it offers a few licensing variants for the Superb DBA system. These variants depend on number of database instances dedicated to monitoring. To purchase a license contact Summ-it directly.
After placing an order for an SDBA license, a registration code is sent to you by an e-mail. Use the code to register SDBA and after that download a license file. Once the license file is uploaded to SDBA and validated, your SDBA copy is fully functional.


Document enclosed below provide an installation and configuration guide and links the technical aspects of SDBA system. Use this guides as a baseline for discussions with Orange and Summ-it support teams.

If you would like to install Summ-it Superb DBA 1.2 image in your Orange Flexible Engine tenant, please follow by steps enclosed below:

  • Log into your Orange Flexible Engine tenant
  • Select the Elastic Cloud Server in Computing Services area
  • Click on Create ECS (plus Icon)
  • Select the flavors of your choice, with minimum 1 vCPU and 4GB RAM memory

To select the Superb DBA image. Click on Public Image and filter through Other field to choose Summ-it Superb DBA 1.2 image


If you will have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact SDBA support team :
Furthermore if you would like to buy maintenance for the Superb DBA 1.2 system, you can order it on the SDBA website

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