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SD-WAN by VeloCloud – a tool to ease the management of your WAN network

Designed to respond to the common problems of companies concerning the management of the WAN network

NOTE: This version of the image VMwareVelocloud SD-WAN 4.0.0 is intended as Demo/Trail not yet General Availability

The VMwareVelocloud SD-WAN solution was designed to respond to the common problems of companies concerning the management of the WAN network, namely:

  • Simplify the management of “Branch offices”
  • Optimize application performance
  • Provide agility for “Branch offices”
  • Lower the costs

With application migration to cloud environments deploying a virtual instance of VeloCloud Edge allows you to connect your corporate network to your resources deployed on Flexible Engine.


Management Simplicity

With the VeloCloud Orchestrator administration of your entire network is done from a single point. With just a few clicks deploy and configure your network simply without the need for command line access: routing, segmentation, quality of service, security integrations. Also take advantage of a unified reporting offering a view of all traffic passing through your network (applications, sites, users, quality of sites and links, etc.).

Flexible topology

With just a few clicks from the orchestrator deploy any type of topology across your entire WAN network: Hub and Spoke, Full Mesh, Partial Mesh, segment topology, etc


Thanks to the on-board security features (level 7 firewall -application-, access filtering, encryption of communications) you can now communicate with all of your sites regardless of where they are deployed. If necessary you can also integrate with the cloud security providers of your choice: Zscaler, Checkpoint, Forcepoint, Palo Alto, etc.

Intelligent routing and application optimization

Thanks to the most sophisticated algorithm on the market, Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization (DMPO) take advantage of the real benefits of SD-WAN to get the best performance from your applications: application recognition, link aggregation, automated QoS, link switching extra-fast (<1s), dynamic remediation techniques (Error Correction, Duplication of Packets, buffer jittering), QoE experience quality score for your sites and WAN links, etc.


This SD-WAN Edge image for Flexible Engine is provided on BYOL basis. The consumption of Flexible Engine resources will be charged at standard pricing.

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Deployment Process

To create an SD-WAN Edge image in your Flexible Engine environment, please follow these steps below:

For instructions how to install and deploy the SD-WAN Edge image in your Flexible Engine environment, refer:

Deployment Guide

For instructions how to configure the SD-WAN Edge features, refer to:

Configuration Guide


Support on SD-WAN Edge is ensured solely by VMware.

For more information, refer to: