Openstack Public cloud – Flexible Engine

OpenVPN – Secure your data communication and remote access facilities

Running OpenVPN on Flexible Engine allows you to fit the application to your needs

  • Use the public Internet to create a private, isolated and secure network
  • Create remote access to internal services to increase the productivity of your teams on the go.
  • Reduce security risks by protecting against unauthorized access to specific network resources
  • Encryption ensures privacy on untrusted Wi-Fi networks and other public access networks.
  • Easily manage threats from your remote networks

OpenVPN is available in two Editions on Flexible Engine

  • OpenVPN Access Server Commercial Edition which has the necessary files preconfigured.
  • OpenVPN Community Edition where you have more flexibility to configure the service according to your needs.

If you need more information don’t hesitate to consult the official webpage of OpenVPN

Learn more OpenVPN


OpenVPN Access Server Commercial Edition requires a license to be purchased, for information how to do that see the official webpage of OpenVPN


OpenVPN Community Edition is free to use

For both Editions the standard charges will be applied for consumption of your Cloud resources.

Deployment Process

As a customer, to create an OpenVPN image in your Cloud environment, please follow these steps below:

  • Log in to your Flexible Engine account
  • Select the Elastic Cloud Server in computing services
  • Click on Create (Plus Icon)
  • Select any flavor with minimum 1vCPU and 1GB RAM
  • To select the image, click on Public Image and filter through Other field to choose  OpenVPN 2.4.8 for the Community Edition or OpenVPN 2.7.5 for the Commercial Edition


Consult the official webpage of OpenVPN for support of the Community Edition and the Commercial Edition


Setup services

Professional Services

Experts specialized in network services and public cloud environments will support you in the installation of OpenVPN in your Flexible Engine environment and accompany you in the configuration of the features.

This service is based on the standardized ITIL framework and is flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs. When we receive your “Contact Us” form we will organize to discuss that with you. These services are carried out via remote access to your environment with communication by telephone, email and screen sharing.


  • Accelerate considerably the implementation of your project
  • Secure your data communication and remote access facilities

To learn more about this service :

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