Openstack Public Cloud – Flexible Engine

Live Objects – Flexible Engine connector

Product Overview

Live Objects is the Orange IoT service that provides you with everything you need to plug in and manage your IoT devices and data in an end-to-end secure way.

Flexible Engine is the Orange Business cloud that gives you access to a high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure for all your hosting and innovation needs, fully controllable via API or technical console.

Live Objects – Flexible Engine connector helps to transfer data from Live Objects Platform FIFO queue to Flexible Engine DIS (Data Injection Service). Once data reaches DIS, data can be stored statically in OBS (Object Storage Service), transferred to MRS, DWS or CS for data analysis.

Benefits :

  • With Live Objects you can manage your IoT devices and their data, regardless of their connectivity
  • Thanks to the Live Objects – Flexible Engine Connector with just a few clicks you can transfer your IoT data into your Flexible Engine environment in a secure way
  • In Flexible Engine you can develop and deploy your business applications to analyze your IoT data and present it in the way that best meets your business requirements


The appliance is free. Only the consumption is charged.

Deployment Process

To mount a Live Objects Connector image your Flexible Engine account :

  1. Log in to your Flexible Engine account
  2. Select the Elastic Cloud Server in Computing Services
  3. Then click Create ECS
  4. Select the relevant flavor, at least 2vCPU and 2GB RAM
  5. To select the image, click on Public Image to choose Live Objects Connector v1

Please refer to the Deployment Guide for instructions how to install and deploy the VBO image in your Flexible Engine environment