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Product Overview

Docker unlocks the potential of your organization by giving developers and IT the freedom to build, manage and secure business-critical applications without the fear of technology or infrastructure lock-in. By combining its industry-leading container engine technology, an enterprise-grade container platform and world-class services, Docker enables you to bring traditional and cloud native applications built on Windows Server, Linux and mainframe into an automated and secure supply chain, advancing dev to ops collaboration and reducing time to value. Because Docker increases productivity and reduces the time it takes to bring applications to market, you now have the resources needed to invest in key digitization projects that cut across the entire value chain, such as application modernization, cloud migration and server consolidation. With Docker, you have the solution that helps you manage the diverse applications, clouds and infrastructure you have today while providing your business a path forward to future applications. Un ensemble d’outils est fourni avec ce système dont docker, un logiciel permettant d’automatiser le déploiement et la gestion des conteneurs.



The appliance is free. Only the consumption is charged.


Deployment Process

  1. To mount a Docker image log in to your Flexible Engine account,
  2. Select the Elastic Cloud Server in Computing services
  3. Then click Create ECS and select any flavors you want
  4. For Image selectPublic Image then filter on Otherto choose Docker 18.09.0


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