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Click2Clouds Clouds Brain – Complete multi-cloud management platform

With Clouds Brain you can easily migrate, provision, manage, optimize and  automate your multicloud environment from a single interface

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Product Overview                                                                          

Click2Cloud delivers a comprehensive multicloud management platform Clouds Brain on Flexible Engine. Clouds Brain is a unified interface platform through which administrators and users can easily view and control a multicloud environment from a single interface.

Clouds Brain makes it easy for organizations by enabling secure access to cloud resources including resources on Flexible Engine, offers optimal toolset for cloud migration needs, accelerating resource provisioning, providing tools for tracking usage and costs, optimizing cloud usage, offering automation using custom-built templates, and comparing different services across leading cloud providers.

For more information please see Click2Cloud website

Purchasing and deployment process

Clouds Brain can be deployed in your Flexible Engine environment from the Click2Cloud website on Bring Your Own License basis. For information about deploying Clouds Brain and purchasing a license please see Click2Cloud website

The consumption of Flexible Engine resources is purchased at standard pricing.

Please refer to the deployment guide for instructions how to install and deploy the image in your Flexible Engine environment.


Support on Clouds Brain is ensured solely by Click2Cloud. Please refer to the Click2Cloud website for more information.