Free up your resources to focus on your issues while accelerating the deployment of your business applications, relying on a dedicated, highly available, reliable and secure infrastructure, info-managed by experts who adapt to your specific needs.


Our private and hybrid cloud solutions rely on the most innovative cloud technologies. We build dedicated infrastructure that meets the specific needs of your business. Through a complete and flexible service catalog, our solutions allow us to host and operate all types of applications by ensuring the security and high availability of applications.

We design, integrate and operate end-to-end infrastructure in France and abroad to serve every geographic area of your project. We provide quality of service at every stage of the project. Our teams, located on all key geographical plates, operate infrastructure and applications 24/7 in accordance with European and local laws.

Our private cloud solutions can be implemented in our customers’ and/or Orange’s data centers or within our global network of partners.



We build hyper-converged architectures that allow you to support any type of application (Legacy, Database, Cloud Native).


We can set up on dedicated infrastructure set savers against disasters and data loss, in compliance with project-specific regulatory compliances.

Application management

Our outsourcing services combined with highly available infrastructure ensure the resilience, elasticity and scalability of your applications.

Key points

  • Flexible and highly available architecture

Hyperconvergence-based architectures for optimal flexibility and elasticity. It is also possible to set up a multi-site extension for your main and secondary sites in France and abroad.

  • A complete catalogue of self-service services

From bricks of standard solutions. you build autonomous lying sets to meet your specific needs with our flexible and expandable services.

  • Computer as a service

Automation of your deployments is facilitated by our orchestrator and APIs open on a “Software Defined” data center. The implementation of microservices within your company is possible with our container orchestrator for native cloud applications.

  • Hybridization with major public cloud

To take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud, we can extend your private cloud to the public cloud of your choice (Flexible Engine, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure).

  • A possible full Opex billing model

We build with you financial models tailored to your needs.
Generally, all of our services meet the cloud philosophy of monthly and usage. However, we are also able to offer you models that combine the logics Capex – Opex.


Check out our catalog of private cloud solutions:

Private cloud on hyper-converged infrastructure

Private cloud solutions come in a hyper-converged version to:

  • A minimal upfront investment to have multi-function servers
  • A progressive cost based on the growth of usage
  • Scaling by simply adding servers
  • High-availability and resumption of business architectures in the event of a disaster

Transformation to the3rdgeneration cloud

This transformation involves migrating from a virtualized environment to a private cloud environment “Software Defined” with the following benefits:

  • Enhanced security and filtering at each VM and container rather than perimeter thanks to VMware NSX™
  • Software Defined Data Center that provides flexibility to reconfigure between computing, storage and network with minimal on-site physical intervention
  • Open APIs, orchestration, automation and hybridization with the public cloud
  • Kubernetes and Paas for native cloud applications based on micro-services

Protection and permanent availability of data

With its private cloud solutions, Orange Business Services offers managed backup and business continuity plans to protect businesses from the risk of data loss.

Backups are validated, automated and supervised 24/7 to restore data in case of loss.

A wide range of technical solutions is offered based on customer needs (stored data, virtual machines, operational databases, etc.), quantity, retention time, destination (local, remote or cloud), Partial or complete restoration time (RTO) targets, tolerable or intolerable restoration loss targets (LROs) and flexibility of the restoration process.

Business cases

Our private and hybrid cloud solutions address the following issues:

  • How do you keep your apps and data available?
  • How do you protect yourself from risk and comply with regulations?
  • How do you automate the deployment of your apps?
  • How can we accelerate the development of Native Cloud applications?
  • How can we simplify the implementation of Big Data projects, ERP projects and databases?
  • How can we make it easier to make a catalogue of services available to users on a self-service platform?
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