Object Storage by Orange Business

Object storage, also known as object-based storage, is a computer data storage architecture designed to handle large amounts of unstructured data. Unlike other architectures, it designates data as distinct units, bundled with metadata and a unique identifier that can be used to locate and access each data unit.

A primary benefit of object storage is how well it manages unstructured data, which is critical for modern data storage. With the rise of AI, machine learning and IoT technology, organizations are creating unprecedented amounts of unstructured data.

  • Object Storage by Orange Business provides high-availability and very cost-effective storage over the SSL and S3 protocol for next-generation applications running in any cloud where performance is not the primary objective.
  • Object Storage by Orange Business is delivered from a cost-effective multi-tenant setup using advanced scalable shared storage infrastructure with a best-of-breed principle.
  • Object Storage by Orange Business, in conjunction with industry-leading data protection software, enables a choice of both short and long-term retention of cloud-hosted solutions.

By leveraging Object Storage by Orange Business, for both short-term or long-term retention, tenants can choose their preferred data protection software, have up to real-time data access and the highest level of compliance and they can analyze data quickly.

Benefits of Object Storage by Orange Business:

  • Limitless scalability
    Object Storage size is essentially limitless, so data can scale to exabytes by simply adding new devices. 

  • Less complexity
    Object Storage has no folders or directories, removing much of the complexity that comes with hierarchical systems.

  • Searchable
    Metadata is part of objects and tagged with attributes and information, such as consumption, cost, and policies for automated deletion, retention, and tiering. 

  • Resilience
    Object Storage can automatically replicate data and store it across multiple devices and geographical locations.

  • Cost efficient
    Object Storage was created with cost in mind, you only pay for the capacity you need, allowing you to predict costs even for large amounts of data. 

The Object Storage service is initially delivered from datacenters in Oslo, but the service can be accessed globally.

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