Azure Virtual Desktop

With Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), a platform-as-a-service, you can offer your employees a virtual and future-proof Windows 10 workplace via the cloud. This gives them access to their desktop and applications anywhere, anytime. Because Azure Virtual Desktop is offered as a cloud service, you can easily scale up or down. This not only makes you very flexible as an organization, but it also brings a great cost benefit. In addition, AVD is available worldwide and can therefore be accessed from anywhere. And because AVD runs in the cloud, the data remains in the cloud. It will not be stored locally on laptops or other devices, thus drastically reducing the risk of data leaks. Summary: lower costs, a better user experience, more functionalities and better security. Since exactly the same platform is available to everyone, you can set up an Azure Virtual Desktop environment for a small law firm just as quickly and easily as for a large corporation. What issues does Azure Virtual Desktop solve, how do you make the switch and what should you think about for success? These are questions we focus on in this white paper.