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Migration of your infrastructures in IaaS mode is essential for your digital transformation

Before to migrate your infrastructures in the Cloud, Orange can help you to define the best configuration you need: server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses, load balancers…
Hardware resources come from a multitude of servers and networks distributed across many datacenters. IaaS mode allows you to access to these virtual components to build your own IT platforms.
You can also build your virtual datacenters,  to provide more IT infrastructure capabilities, or virtual networks of interconnected virtual servers.

« We build and operate best in class platforms in private/public/hybrid models »

IaaS offers from Orange Cloud Services are specially designed to meet your changing needs and scalability of your infrastructures, while offering a model that is both economical, secure and customizable.
Orange offers the choice between public cloud, private cloud, or virtual private cloud

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Business acceleration is driven by customer “Bi-Modal IT transformation”

To adapt to your requirements and your uses, your information system is constantly changing and becoming more and more complex.
Your challenge is to maintain reliability and security, while transforming your IS continuously and sustainably.
Rather than buying, installing and integrating your IT infrastructure yourself, you can choose to virtualize them by outsourcing them with a cloud computing solution.

Gain scalability and accessibility of your resources, regardless of the Cloud model chosen: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Private Virtual Cloud …

A peak of activity or a particular event requires to evolve your infrastructure, in a punctual or perennial way? Simply set up your solution accordingly, via an administration portal. So there is no time limit to expand your capabilities.
You benefit from Orange’s expertise to evolve the chosen cloud computing model: a public cloud for maximum resource optimization, a private cloud to take advantage of the highest security requirements, or a virtual private cloud to combine Benefits of the private cloud with the benefits of the public cloud.

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Flexible Engine: Public Cloud Infrastructure Services

Provided by Orange


Compute is a global IT material offering you compose on-demand

Compute services allow you to configure your infrastructures according to your needs, automate your virtual machines, configure your security level or use tools or interface to deploy and monitor your activity

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Storage and backup

Store your data by operating the Orange Storage and Backup Service

Flexible Engine offers storage and backup services that allow you, for example, to increase your storage capacity for large datasets, to have virtual hard disks for your elastic cloud servers, or to subscribe to Hard disk-based backup Service

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Security & Identity

Manage your Identities safely by preventing from denial of services attacks

Identity and Access Management offers a flexible Engine Cloud services. Learn how to deal with Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attacks to check incoming access to your services.

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Management Tools

Manage your Cloud with easy-to-use tools and interfaces

The Customer Care is a secured environment to manage users’ account. The Flexible Engine Console is the main web portal to define services. Cloud Eye monitors services including reports, alarm functions. Resource Template Orchestration deals with several architectures and resources deployment of multiples Engines.

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Give performance to your Network and drive internet flows

Keep your network Private Cloud and Private Network simple and safe especially from the internet. Improve performances thanks to Elastic Load Balancer which automates traffic distribution. Ensure a high performance connections to your enterprise datacenters with Direct Connection Service or via Business VPN Galerie.

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Map Reduce Service deals with Big Data computing clusters

Manage a vast amounts of data very fast, and cost-effective to process. We provide storage and analysis capabilities for massive data and build a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use platform.

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Managed your Relational Database

Relational Database Service is a Cloud-based online service. Your databases are performed automatically in minutes including some tools for disaster recovery, backup, monitoring, migration. This service is fast, stable, reliable, secure, scalable, easy to administrate, and cost-effective.

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Developer tools and APIs

Pilot your cloud with the Flexible Engine Open APIs

The use of the cloud enables an incredibly rich set of possibilities over multiples environments and additionally fully documented. OpenStack is becoming a globally used Open Standard for Public and Private cloud and you will benefit from Infrastructure as Code

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Private Cloud Solution: Private Cloud Infrastructure Services

Provided by Orange

Private Cloud Solutions is a managed solution for automated infrastructure management, middleware and IT applications

Discover three major benefits of Private Cloud Solution implementation :

Free resources

Private Cloud Solution allows the orchestration and automation of low-value repetitive tasks. It frees up human resources that can be allocated to other, more value-added projects. This approach allows:

  • A reduction in IT costs by concentrating, rationalizing and pooling infrastructures (reduction of CAPEX by up to a factor of 3)
  • A reduction in the resources over-allocated by the trades to offset the traditional difficulties and delays in obtaining resources (30% of gains generally recognized)
  • An ability to use, through the same single portal, third-party public services if they prove to be more appropriate in certain cases (development and testing, geographical location, etc.)
  • A global standardization of services (= a single way of producing a service), resulting in better repeatability of operations, reduction of configuration errors and consequent support costs, while promoting security
  • A significant increase in IT capacity at constant staff.
  • Improved quality of service through industrialization and automation of the platform, tools and processes

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Accelerate the development of business services

Industrialization and the means implemented with Orange Private Clod Solution allow :

  • the rapid development of new business services and their deployment within the company, locally or globally
  • the removal of infrastructure problems (delays, configuration, etc.) of the critical application development path
  • an ability to respond rapidly to business lines through industrialization and delivery automation
  • Deployment in the Tier III + / Tier IV global datacenters of Orange or partners
  • seamless global network to deliver end-to-end network / IT / end-to-end service quality
  • Major Service Centers covering all time zones

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While maintaining the traditional application development methods, Orange Private Cloud Solutions also integrates innovative Cloud Native Applications (DAC) capabilities through technologies such as PaaS, DevOps, Containers or APIs (Infrastructure as code) enabling your businesses to innovate while avoiding the constraints of infrastructure management and deployment.

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