Orange Cloud Solutions for Business


  • Expert Pack
    Expert Pack
    Receive advice and recommendations from an expert to help you master your solution and optimize your project
    Starting from €100.00
  • Managed Application (Full)
    Managed Application (Full)
    Full Customer Application Management
  • Managed Application Server
    Managed Application Server
    Use the most popular application servers with the OCB experience and expertise
  • Managed Web Server
    Managed Web Server
    Use the most popular web servers with the OCB experience and expertise
  • Managed Production Plan
    Managed Production Plan
    Run, monitor, and support Computer Production Plan
  • Managed Database
    Managed Database
    Keep your database services available with the best performance
  • Managed OS
    Managed OS
    Focus on application and forget the layers underneath
  • Managed Directory
    Managed Directory
    Manage Services for Directory Services
  • Managed File
    Managed File
    File services facilitates file management and file transfer
  • Managed Performance monitoring
    Managed Performance monitoring
    Based on specification, it designs and implements the business monitoring tests
  • Servers migration
    Servers migration
    Migrate all or part of a server farm to a Cloud secured infrastructure
  • catalog
    Application design
    Translate business needs into IT expectations to support design application
  • Application prototyping
    Application prototyping
    Test-drive and experience the value of the OCB platform
  • Application migration
    Application migration
    Transfer your application in a new cloud
  • Database design
    Database design
    Design high performance database architecture to support 24/7 businesses
  • Database prototyping
    Database prototyping
    Evaluate the Proof Of Concept of a database in a test platform
  • Database migration
    Database migration
    Transfer your Database in a new cloud
  • Software pack
    Software pack
    Choose a virtual server equipped with ready-to-use software
  • Cloud expertise
    Cloud expertise
    Be supported to deal with IaaS, PaaS, Operation system
  • SAP manager
    SAP manager
    Share your SAP knowledge with our experts
  • Full managed ISMS
    Full managed ISMS
    Security Management System for your Orange Cloud offer
  • Security risk assessment
    Security risk assessment
    Control the Security Level of your hosted services
  • Migration security assistance
    Migration security assistance
    Include Security requests to Cloud migration projects
  • Certification assistance
    Certification assistance
    Need a Security Certification for services hosted by Orange Private Cloud IaaS
  • Vulnerability scans
    Vulnerability scans
    Assess the vulnerability of your virtual machines and web services
  • Penetration tests
    Penetration tests
    Assess Web Hosted Applications on our IaaS
  • 3rd party audit assistance
    3rd party audit assistance
    Assess our IaaS level of security hosting your services
  • Anti-DDoS
    Customized and dedicated anti-DDOS Management
  • Service delivery manager
    Service delivery manager
    Service Delivery Manager for post-sales solutions
  • SAP security
    SAP security
    Analyze your SAP environment considering SAP rules
  • catalog
    Elastic Cloud Server
    Virtual machines according to your demand
  • catalog
    Image Management Service
    Easy administration of public and private Operating Systems
  • catalog
    Define your specifications the Elastic Cloud Servers will auto-scale them
  • catalog
    Cloud Container Engine
    Simplifying your work with clouds
  • Object Storage Service
    Object Storage Service
    High Capacity storage of large data sets
  • Elastic Volume Service
    Elastic Volume Service
    Virtual hard disks for Elastic Cloud Servers
  • Volume Backup Service
    Volume Backup Service
    Hard-disk based Backup Service
  • Identity and Access Management
    Identity and Access Management
    User Administration for IAM experts
  • Anti-DDos
    Dealing with Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attacks
  • The Customer Space for Flexible Engine
    The Customer Space for Flexible Engine
    Managing your flexible Engine’s account.
  • The Flexible Engine Console
    The Flexible Engine Console
    Simple, central management console to your worldwide cloud
  • Cloud Eye
    Cloud Eye
    Monitoring service for Flexible Engine cloud services
  • Resource Template Orchestration
    Resource Template Orchestration
    Managing your flexible Engine’s account
  • Virtual Private Cloud
    Virtual Private Cloud
    Basis of your Individual Cloud
  • Virtual Private Network as a service
    Virtual Private Network as a service
    Secure your network connections over the internet
  • Elastic IP
    Elastic IP
    Set up a public IP address
  • Elastic Load Balancer
    Elastic Load Balancer
    Improved performance due to automated traffic distribution
  • Direct Connection Service
    Direct Connection Service
    The high performance connection to your enterprise datacenters
  • Direct Connection Service to Business VPN Galerie
    Direct Connection Service to Business VPN Galerie
    Extend your Entreprise Private Cloud network to Flexible Engine
  • catalog
    Map Reduce Service
    Your Big Data computing clusters
  • catalog
    Relational Database Service
    Your managed Relational Database
  • Flexible Engine Open APIs
    Flexible Engine Open APIs
    OpenStack open APIs to pilot your cloud
  • SAP audit
    SAP audit
    Perform your SAP Environment, ask for a technical audit
  • SAP On Demand
    SAP On Demand
    Complete your standards SAP Environment through SAP catalog
  • SAP Empowering Workshop
    SAP Empowering Workshop
    Empower technical decisions before moving the SAP system
  • Private Cloud Solution
    Private Cloud Solution
    Managed private cloud solution for automated management of infrastructure, middleware and IT applications
  • Flexible Computing Advanced
    Flexible Computing Advanced
    Cloud Services solution designed for large and medium sized enterprises, who have business activities in the Asia Pacific region. It provides scalable compute and network services, with a high degree of performance and security.
  • Penetration tests
    Penetration tests
    Évaluez les applications Web hébergées sur notre IaaS
  • Get started on Flexible Engine
    Get started on Flexible Engine
    Want to find out more about your offer, report an incident, or contact customer service? You’ll find all the information you need at our Help Center
  • Registration for webinars
    Registration for webinars
    Our weekly webinars will introduce you to the Flexible Engine console and features. A Cloud Expert answer your questions to help you learn how to manage the solution.
  • catalog
    Reserved Instances
    Several instance templates can be deployed in just one click for all your video, web, SAP or Big Data applications. Use this service to automate how your infrastructure behaves and choose the level of isolation for your environment, using the Dedicated Cloud and other network solutions
  • Paas
    The Flexible Engine Console gives you direct access to PaaS services

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