To each his cloud – White paper MARKESS

29 March 2017

Cloud computing: Principal uses and win-win approaches for SMEs and large companies in France

Over the past few years, cloud computing has been revolutionizing the business world. The pressures of rapid technological changes and increasingly demanding customers have made the cloud essential to major corporations and SMEs.

To highlight the strengths of cloud computing and the best ways to use it, Orange Cloud for Business co-authored this white paper with MARKESS, a major research and analysis firm specializing in digital business value. The paper features an overview of the market and discusses the primary uses and win-win approaches for cloud computing, including key figures, for large companies and SMEs.

Our objectives:To each his cloud - white paper MARKESS

We had two specific objectives when creating this white paper. The first was to help establish the current situation and emerging trends in cloud computing. And thanks to about a hundred professional interviews between 2015 and 2016, it offers a recent, prospective and representative view of the present market, in which Orange Cloud for Business has been involved for several years.

The second objective was to analyze SMEs and large companies in a clear and distinct way. The results indicate that the needs and future prospects of these two market segments are actually very different in terms of cloud computing.

For this reason, the paper is divided into two sections:

  • The future of IS for large companies in the cloud computing era
  • How the cloud will facilitate business activities for SMEs

For more information, download the white paper.