Security issue with x86 processors

5 January 2018

A design error on x86 micro-processors, known as “Meltdown”, and “Specter”, was detected a few days ago (Intel, AMD and ARM manufacturers are concerned).

Operating system and hypervisor vendors are currently working to fix issues.

Orange team is in close contact with these manufacturers and with French governmental National Agency for Security Information Systems (ANSSI).

Currently, our teams are doing extensive testing on available updates.

To this date, it has not been demonstrated that these vulnerabilities have been exploited outside research laboratories. However, Orange security experts are strongly involved. They continuously assess the criticality of these flaws to adapt, if necessary, a response to the threat.

Regarding our shared platforms, including “Flexible Computing”, “Flexible Engine” and “Cloudwatt”, corrections shall be deployed aligned with Orange Group’s security intelligence team, following appropriate tests.

Follow-up information will be available on our website.
Your usual Orange contacts are at your disposal to answer your more detailed questions.