Design & Transition

Cloud Professional Services provided by Orange.

Servers Migration

Migrate all or part of a server farm to a Cloud secured infrastructure

This service supports all the stages of a migration project. The servers migration is managed by our cloud experts: cloud eligibility audit, infrastructure preparation, network configuration, replication and transfer of servers/data, pre and post migration testing are undertaken. The transfer remains transparent for your key business users. Pricing on quote.

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Application Design

Translate business needs into IT expectations to support design application.

Application Design interprets business need to deliver a turnkey IT design and make it work. It ensures to deploy the perfect environment in term of development, integration, and production. Architects deliver technical architecture file and functional recommendations based on servers and compute sizing, impact analysis, policies, deployment procedures etc. Prcing on quote

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Application Prototyping

Test-drive and experience the value of the OCB platform

This service gives the opportunity to try out new solutions before sending them out on a live production platform. The prototyping platform includes 1 month testing and contains: set up of sandbox environment, testing OCB processes, leverage Orange integrated skills and assess limit by experiencing. Pricing on quote.

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Application Migration

Transfer your application in a new cloud

This service delivers a lot of features like audit of the existing platform and business needs in terms of performance, migration strategy and storage. It provides infrastructure, adapts application procedures to Orange Standards, coordinates transfers and customer acceptance until the final technical integration. Migration ensures to application a quicker and safer beavior. Pricing on quote.

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Database Design

Design high performance database architecture to support 24/7 businesses

This service provides a Best-in-Class Design architecture and migration choices to host all applications in a cloud platform. Orange architects and technical leaders manage the migration project planning and the current environment audit. They use migration methodologies and tools to deliver. Users benefit from our greatest databases editors at a lower price. Pricing on quote.

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Database Prototyping

Evaluate the Proof Of Concept of a database in a test platform

This Database Platform Prototyping brings the most accurate solution along with test environments. Are tested: availability, scalability, disaster recovery, backup, monitoring and reports solutions. Architects leverage the readymade sandbox environment for the users’ POC. ITIL best practices and skill sets help to assess the database by experiencing but reducing risks. Pricing on quote.

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Database Migration

Transfer your Database in a new cloud

The database Migration qualifies the migration process on staging environment. The impact analysis of the rebranding model, enhancements, performance HA and DR operational tests and validation are including in the service. Users benefit from installation manual, operation and technical guides. Migration ensures to databases a quicker and safer behavior. Pricing on quote.

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Software Pack

Choose a virtual server equipped with ready-to-use software

The Software Pack provides several types of softs depending on usages such as networks, IT operations, email, web, collaborative. Users will be able to create a virtual environment, install software components, configure the standard network streams required and launch the tests. This will significantly accelerate the implementation. Price depending on the selected softwares

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